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Students Rave about Seneca and Anne-Marie Concepción

Here are just a few of the comments and compliments we’ve received over 25+ years of training clients hands-on in their offices, speaking at digital publishing conferences around the country, and offering our insights through InDesignSecrets.com and Lynda.com.

“Seneca was just what we needed. We learned so much from someone who’s not just an expert user, but an expert teacher!”

— Ron Jacobs, Art Director, McDonald's

“After you spent that time with me straightening out our InDesign / InCopy connection, we haven’t had any more problems. You’re the best!”

— Jody S., Policy and Production Editor, Rethinking Schools

 “Thank you for the terrific InCopy/InDesign workflow training! We all found it extremely beneficial and were pleasantly surprised that InCopy is such a robust program! Your command of both programs is incredibly impressive, an you are obviously a talented and articulate educator. I had high expectations after viewing your Lynda.com videos, and I can honestly say that you exceeded them.”

Dawn Martin, Managing Editor, the Appraisal Institute Chicago


“I can't thank you enough for helping me out. I did the testing and all seems good to go, I forwarded the instructions on to my client....fingers crossed! It's so wonderful that people like you take the time to provide educational assistance to the general public and to take time email me....KUDOS!! Because I would have been lost without your help.”


“I just finished your Lynda.com course on ePubs. You are SUCH a great teacher! I've taken some of your previous courses and am always amazed at how much information is there, and the great gift you have for conveying it!!”

— Kelli S., Cygnet Graphics

“Just a quick note to let you know that all five of the books are currently on the sale in Apple’s iBookstore. Sincere thanks for getting us to this point!”

—Bob W.

“Anne-Marie, If you are not a god, you are an angel! I attended your seminar today and asked about the effects not printing to our proofer through the oris rip. Couldn't wait to try your suggestion, ran into work and it printed beautifully. You saved me hours of trial and error (more importantly, we can now move forward to the current version of InDesign). Hope you are around when we go to the next version! Thank you sincerely.”

—Barbara H.

“Your 1.5 hour training session last week was awesome! Five days later, Mary Ellen and I have 330+ pages laid out in InDesign CS5, all with paragraph styles and character styles and table styles and the like. Your one-on-one training provided a chance for us to get specific questions answered plus gave us an amazing wealth of tips and new knowledge. It was the best training money I've spent in the past year. Thank you so much!”

—Bill Jelen, MrExcel.com

“I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciate your Adobe Bridge tutorial on Lynda.com. Lynda provides many competent instructors, but in my humble opinion you are the best. Not only do you explain concepts and procedures clearly, but you leverage callouts and animations to better explain the topic. As an instructional designer myself, I realize how much time and effort goes in to creating such high-quality instruction. You deserve a big pat on the back. Thanks for the inspiration.”

—Samuel H.

“I was happy to hear in [the InDesignSecrets podcast episode] #157 you worked on the Kindle verson of ‘WTC: In Their Own Words.’ I’m (obviously) an InDesign user, and also a firefighter. Usually those two vocations don't overlap, but it was nice to hear about two of my interests from one source. Thanks for your work.”

— Craig Moyer, DesignWorks

“I wanted to share an appreciation for your teaching. Aside from my writing, I work internationally as an educator (in my case, focused on promoting gender equality and ending violence against women). I’ve taken a number of on-line trainings over the years but your CS5 and CS5.5 to epub courses are, truly, the best I’ve ever taken. You have an extremely rare gift of being able to be completely yourself (or so it seems), while communicating just the right amount of information. You show every step, every click, but you do it in such a natural, fluid way it doesn’t drag and it doesn’t bore even when it's a step or a click the listener already understands... So thanks so much for your work as an educator; it is truly impressive.”

— Michael

“I just wanted to say that in case someone had not said that lately (which I consider highly unlikely). I almost think HerGeekness should be replaced with HerGoddessness at times, but it doesn’t have the same ring. your patient (and often very funny) explanations of Acrobat’s let’s-change-the-interface-completely-with-every-upgrade approach on lynda.com and elsewhere have really helped me.”

— Ray Robertson, ScriptingEvents.com

“Thank you very much for presenting at the InDesign user group meeting in Washington DC. You did a great job in your presentation and enjoyed all of the small tips you gave us. I am a big fan of your podcast.”

— Michael G.